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welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters and here are the stories we are following for you. >> i indenned to continue fighting for the future of ukraine. >> viktor yanukovich is speaking as the armed forces are occupying. >> attempted assz nation of ran old reagan and the gun control that followed.
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>> old age and culture in a modern world and how asian americans are keeping the promises they have made to their asian parents. >> ukraine's president is coming out of hiding today and speaking and vowing to return to the ukraine. viktor yanukovich is saying that the people that oppose him terrorists. we have reporters that are covering the story on all sides of the crisis, two airports are taken control of and seeing a defia defiant viktor yanukovich today. >> o yes, speaking in the town a
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border town between russia and ukraine, the ousted president thinks that those in power now are extremist, nationalists and fascist and taking a jab at the west. >> i fully place responsibility upon those who brought our country to this crisis and i would say disaster. they are to blame for that and those who are now in power and those who are today command them in my dawn invisible, and visible, behind the scenes and the west, the united states of america, who are patrons of my dawn. >> that is what we are hearing
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from moscow, some officials from the foreign minister believing what is happening is nothing short of coo. >> the under tones the ousted president speaking russian and then those are asking how can russia say it is not involved when giving asylum to viktor yanukovich. >> that is right. we have seen russia using the influence in the sphere of influence, including the ukraine and giving a lot of money to viktor yanukovich and persuading him in deals and they have put the military assets on active exercises and saying that was planned previously and at this time nobody is looking at that stance. of course, we know there are
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some forces on the ground, in nondescript uniforms. >> from moscow, phil, thank you so much. as mentioned there are troop movements where the russian flag is being flown, where did they come from and who are they? jennifer has more on the details. >> we have serious incidents here, the airport was taken over wi the armed gunman and went into the airport terminal building and looked around and still at the airport. they are standing outside of the airport. a number of them in military uniforms with no insignia on them. the people are saying they are happy there and protecting the interests, those are the russian interests and 90% of the people here are russian speakers and
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aligned to russia and it is near there another airport is being blockaded by the armed forces and nobody is saying for whom they work. some are claiming they are the russian military forces and that is against the treaty. this comes as just a day after the parliament occupied by a prorussian militia and they are aligning with russia here, 90% of the population here is russian et nicety and speak russia. this is long had a russian influence here and they are watching and waiting to see what russia is going to do.
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they are taking comfort in the russian presence and more than a hundred thousand russia troops are having exercises. we saw a number of armored personnel carriers driving around. so a very ten ewe time here and what is happening could be a coo and they are concerned about making ukrainian the official language here and most of them speaking the russian language here. they don't want to be oppressed and trying to maintain their independence here. >> now john kerry talking about the latest developments there. >> i talked this morning with the foreign minister and they
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don't intend to violate the sovereignty of the ukraine. we have a desire to defuse these tennings and work constructive to bring ukraine together and keep the respect for its sovrpty and the territorial integrity and he said they don't intend to violate that. >> the clinton library going to release 5,000 pages of the clinton white house today and advice give ton the president and the communications, the then first lady hillary clinton and posted online. we have been foming following
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all of the developments in washington. what do we hope to learn from the documents? >> the major focus in washington what it is going the reveal about the deliberations with hillary clinton. there are other sensitive issues disclosed, a document surrounding the issues, genocide in are you wanda and appoints to the cabinet and deliberations anning the aides. it is interesting, del, when you look into the records, most of the presidential records are released immediately at the conclusion of the presidency and many of the documents that are deemed private and taking 12 year process and at the end of the the process they decide what to release. today is the first of some 28,000 documents following into
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that category and much has to do with the first lady's office and the deliberations on children's issues and women's rights and the deliberations with the speech writers and communications and even perhaps not today but in later documents that deal with the white water scandal, a blast from the past there, so all eyes in about an hour on the national archives and the clinton library, release of some 5,000 documents from the clinton administration. >> mike, many times the documents are redakted so much and any fears from washington that anything will be closed that the clinton presidency or the former secretary of state is not prepared for? >> maybe some fears in the clinton camp.
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and you can bet that the people are going to pour over this and nobody needs to be reminded of the stakes here. hillary clinton making a moves and noises, people urging her, of course, the odds are on the favorite now, two and a half years ago from the election to be the democratic nominee and among the people t opposition research from the republican party, that much we can count on, del. >> mike, thank you very much. >> kerry kennedy is acquitted of the charges for driving while impaired. the former wife of new york's governor cuomo claims she mistakenly took a sleeping pill before the crash. >> today marks the 20 year anniversary of the brady bill and named after press secretary james brady that was shot back
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in 1981. we are in washington and libby, how did that single act or single law affect the gun sales? >> 20 years ago the brady bill clicked in and if you try to buy a gun, you have to wait five days and get a background check. now a lot of loopholes in that as we know, at the time it was revolutionary and a big step for the bun control movement. james brady shot in an assassination attempt on the president. he suffered from paralysis. on this anniversary, survivors of violence committed with guns and those that lost loved ones in violent attacks spoke about
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the brady bill and what they want to see happen. one is cheryl from chicago and she lost her husband 15 years ago. >> the american dream that we had been living became the american nightmare when a young man a member of a hate group came through our neighborhood and as my husband was outside jogging and my 8-year-old son was on his bike, my 10-year-old daughter on her roller blades, this neo nazi man came through and sprayed the bullets at them and one of the bullets hit my husband and he died. >> sharing a personal story about the loss she experienced. >> the background checks have
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fallen back and what are the gun control advocates thinking today? >> well, the president of the brady come pain to prevent gun violence, dan gross, that lost his brother addressed that topic. here is what he had to say. >> six votes over seven years to pass the brady law and make no mistake we have momentum on our side. there are those that want you to think we do. we do. >> so you hear there the president of the brady campaign talking about the setbacks they have encountered trying to pass the bill and so many hurdles. over the past year the members of congress pushing for the tighter gun control laws and failed to pass an assault ban
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and in the 40 minutes this morning, 14 gun sales were blocked, people with convicted felons trying to buy guns and four people likely died in attacks involving guns during that same time. >> thank you. to add exclamation point, we are following breaking news from florida. there are reports of a gunman inside of a courthouse. local media reports that the schools are locked down as a precaution. we have more details as they become available. >> still ahead, we continue to follow all of the developments coming out of ukraine and a report live from independence scare and kiev. >> facing an all american dilemma, caring for loved ones
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or putting them in a nursing home.
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welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. returning to the top story and the crisis in ukraine, viktor yanukovich is calling the protests fascist. >> independentens square they are talking about the people that died. you hear the somber music of the funerals. 80 people died trying to fight the police that was operating under the orders of president viktor yanukovich. this morning the funerals are continuing. the country is moving but the people in the square are sad and the mood is somber and not
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focussed on what vaniktor yanukovich is saying but the sacrifices of the people that made this day possible and the current government possible. >> people do not take the words serious by viktor yanukovich. he's afraid and running away. he's afraid of the people. he now knows that we have so much power and people know that. they are confident about that. we are confident that viktor yanukovich is noer the -- no longer the president. >> there is a big concern that he's trying to reach to the eastern part and the southern part of the country and pulling them toward russia and kiev and the west very much looking to the west, the prosecutor's general office is trying to
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extradite him and the parliament is appealing to the international community for help and russian military maneuvers on the board with ukraine. very much a big concern politically on what viktor yanukovich is saying but on the streets here and across the country they are moving on. >> the bulls are remaining in control the dow is up 114 points. s&p adding to the record setting performance just yesterday. well, how much did winter hurt the economy? the commerce is reporting that economic growth slowed to 2.4% annual rate. the estimate was 3.2%. the dip in spending pulling the numbers lower. >> talks between mens warehouse
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and jos a banks talks talking about a higher offer. men's warehouse is offering the invitation to talk and they have been talking since october. >> there is a filing of bankruptcy after technical glitches on the site. the bit coins are missing and worth a half bill dollars. coming up next... the president and vice president getting in on let's move. the viral video that is p promoting the first lady's let's move. >> there is a storm closing in
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on southern california and bringing up to 8 inches in some area. stay tuned, we'll be right back after the break.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. here are the headlines. the president of ukraine coming out hiding today. viktor yanukovich is claiming he's still in control and in kiev they are building a new government without him. in the southern region, troops are surrounding the airports. plus, bill clinton's presidential library is releasing 5,000 pages of documents today. it is including the advice. >> a growing number of asian americans are facing the issue of what to do with aging patients, caregivers or send them to nursing homes.
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we report on a community that is trying to strike a balance. >> own an on the weekend there is work, looking after her children, husband and 69-year-old mother that suffers from deafness and diabetes. she has a full plate. >> some times i wake up at 2:00 a.m. and go back to sleep and get up and prepare and get ready for work. there is a lot of pressure. three generations living under the same roof, that is typical for chinese families and that is rooted in confucian philosophies. >> this is called -- it is like your parent took care of you and you return the favor in a way thanking them. >> but maintaining that culture
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mandate is becoming difficult in the homes where both partners are working full time jobs. during the day the mother goes to a senior center. some see it as a sign of failing the family obligations. >> i think back to my grandparents and they too private individuals, very close with the family, and to look to a community organization to kind of help and supplement that is something they had to get used to. >> the number of elderly asians is growing to 5 million and 6 million by 2050. as more asians age, some nursing homes and care centers are changing to meet the needs and food they are with familiar
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with. that is making a difference to the 90-year-old that not otherwise willing moved from the home. >> there is 24 hour service here. at home the family would have to hire two nurses to take care of me. i don't want to be a burden. >> people are playing popular games at one of the senior centers built for the chinese americans built in the country. as more places like these are becoming available it is allowing the younger generations to feel they can still honor and care for the elders in a different way outside of the homes. >> just two weeks ago we talked about the fact that california needed the rain, and now bracing for the flooding. >> right, most of the draughts end with a flooding and the rain
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is coming down rapidly and the preparations are underway in los angeles and san diego and up to san francisco, folks are putting out the sandbags, given the fact they are living by the foothills and the rain is going to come rushing down. the preparations are certainly underway. we have a band of health rain pushing in and you are seeing the orange areas, that indicates a lot of moisture within this cloud cover and that is exactly what we are contending with here in california. this is highway and i-5 and saturating rainfall and pushing into los angeles. now this area is draught stricken. i tell you one thing, with such heavy amounts of rainfall falli falling quickly, this amp and this evening and tomorrow and up to 8 inches falling in glendora and the winds are pushing in and
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running into this mountain wall and all that moisture is pushing down to glendora and mandatory evacuations are under way. the shifts of the ground and mud slides are possible. if you are travelling along the mountain passes, it is intimidating and when you have the flash flooding and threat from the mud slides it is very dangerous there this amp and this evening. that's the reason we have flash flood warnings and advisories in effect and a winter storm in effect for the areas here in pink, the mountains and all the way from california down. this storm a that is actually pushing to the east in the coming days and creating ice and snowstorm across the midwest and north. >> thank you very much. we have a video to show you, a
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new meaning to running the white house. >> are you ready to move? >> absolutely. let's do this thing. let's move. >> president obama and vice president joe biden jogging around the oval office and all to promote the let's move campaign. the pair's workout starting at the president's desk, past the family dogs and outside and back to work. here's what's interesting. watch as they finish the jogging and then decide it is time to stretch. that tells you that it is staged. they finished with a glass of water. >> the oscars are on our minds but in new orleans getting ready for something else. the bands are marching down the streets, the floats are rolling, the beads are being thrown. it is that time of the year, it is mardi gras and let the good
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times roll. thank you for watching al jazeera america. i'm del walters in new york, "the stream" is next. >> hi. you are "the stream." dubb dubbed a comedian. pushed envelope in show business. >> we have all of the live

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